Testimonials from some recent clients…………

I admit I was sceptical. I had had my complaint for nearly 15 years. I had been having acupuncture quite successfully until it stopped working. I was thinking I would have to take prescription medication for the rest of my life like all the others, but I wanted to avoid that. Someone suggested hypnotherapy, I didn’t have any other options so I looked up the nearest one that was properly qualified. After the first treatment it was quite evident it did work, it only took one more appointment to cure me of this problem I had lived with for all of these years. Quite amazing! I’m now a full believer, I really do have my life back. Thank you very much Lynda.

LD, Hobury

Well what can I say, I’ve been working closely with Lynda over the past month or so & yesterday I felt I no longer needed Lynda’s help…I got the best result ever.  I never thought I’d get there but I did & today I felt like the past 6months of pure hell have been left behind & that I can get back to being ME again.  Thanks Lynda ur a star.

Steph, Altofts

I feel so comfortable and relaxed in Lynda’s hands, great experience

Tracy, Wakefield

Had the best nights sleep in ages and feel great. Thanks Lynda

Julie, Leeds

Well anyone who knows me would not believe that I can sit still totally relaxed for one hour. I’ve never felt so relaxed. I am now able to relax myself when under pressure.

Michelle, Wakefield

Thanks to Working with Lynda, I changed the direction of my life and am now working towards becoming a Reiki Master.

Heather, Wakefield